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In the time of a constant growth of competition, it is not enough to offer “only” good products and services for a cheap price to follow the mentality “cheap is cool”.

Even regular customers go away, out of one bad experiance and feeling of not seriously interested into them. Mostly one bad experiance is enough and 79% of the customer go away.

The sensibility of customers are still strongly underestimated! This painful experience have make a lot of famous companys over all branches.

For a short periode you can get success with a good marketing, but if you don’t follow permanet your promote solgan and live it, so that the customer feel it, you will lost your customer in the long term.

To prevent the customer fluctuation and to built a long term robust customer relationship, we offer you
to check your “customer friendliness”.

Prevent early enough!  To win back a one time frustrated customer you need disproportionately higher exertion as to hold a satisfied customer.

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We give consultation and develop the Quality-Check that suits to you. Please send us your >>inquiry.

Quality-Check for: Shops, Car-Shops, Hospital, Service provider, Handcraft, Hotels, Industry, etc...

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