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 General trading conditions
1. Validity
1.1 To these and all future business relations with the customer excluding the available conditions apply.
1.2 By the order of the service the buyer recognizes our general trading conditions as obligatorily on. Deviations by
       individual agreements require writing.
1.3 The orderer of the service is besides the buyer if he not expressly third as a buyer indicates.
1.4 Purchase and terms of delivery in the order forms of the buyer are not binding for us.
2.0 Come off the contract
2.1 Our offers are not-binding and become only legally effective by our written confirmation of order.
2.2 All verbal or telephone secondary and auxiliary agreements equal which kind, require to the validity our separate
     written confirmation.
2.3 We regard orders as well as orders, which are received on-line by Mail with us just as effectively, as such, which are
     delivered by letter, fax or verbally .
3.0 Achievement contribution
     Delays, which are not to due to circumstances, which lie outside of our sphere of influence, are from us to represent.
     Claims are in this connection impossible.
4.0 Seminars, consultation, Workshops, comparable meetings
4.1 Meetings general
     Contents and expiration can be changed under keeping of the total character of the meeting. This entitled the
     participant/client neither to a cancellation of the contract nor to a reduction of the invoice amount.
     The organizer (management consultation Klaro) reserves himself, seminars for important reason to call off in
     particular when illness. In this case fee/fees already paid are refunded in its entirety. Large requirements are
     impossible. The seminar documents are intended for the personal use of the participants. All rights remain with the
     organizer. Duplications or passing on - also in part - are permitted only with written permission of the management
     consultation Klaro. We cling in the maximum case at height of the fee/fees already paid. The adhesion for higher force
     each kind of compensation as well as the demand for any third damage are impossible.
4.2 Inhouse meetings
     Inhouse meetings are enterprise-internal seminars, consultation, Workshops as well as other support achievements.
     In writing confirmed dates for Inhouse meetings, which cannot be sold by the client be cancelled and otherwise no
     more, are charged for to the client with 50% of the agreed upon daily fees or lump sums. Possibly with the
     contractor costs already resulted are charged for to the client.
4.3 Registration
     With the registration, the customer recognizes the conditions of participation of the organizer on. The registration
     becomes obligatory by the rendering of invoice on both sides.
4.4 Cancellation/notice of departure
     During cancellation/notice of departure up to four weeks before beginning of the meeting, the participant fee is taken
     into account on a later participation; until two weeks before beginning of meeting to 50% on a later participation
     taken into account. With later resignation or nonappearance the full participation fee becomes due. Spare part takers
     can be placed at any time. If a participant does not take up the achievement or only one part, no requirement for 
     reimbursement exists for the not used part.
4.5 Participation fee/calculation
     The charged for participation fees exclusively refer to the meeting and the meeting documents. In particular journeys,
       hotel and transfer costs are not contained in this, if this is not expressly differently regulated into the meeting writing
5.0 Prices and terms of payment
5.1 The prices understand themselves net, without discount payment or other deductions zzgl. the valid VAT; Payments
     are to be made for the receiver always free of charge. This applies also with payments from the foreign country and,
     even if a transaction fee is void. The costs always go debited to the initiator of the transaction.
5.2 We charge for the prices specified in the confirmation of order.
5.3 The payments are due within 4 weeks after account creation. In the case of adherence to the dates of payment
     proven on our calculations we do not compute additionally to the interests permitted legally in the Federal Republic
     of Germany a handling charge, which depends on expenditure, mindest however EUR 15, - net.
5.4 Issuing of intermediate calculations is permissible.
5.5 Waiting periods and delays, which are not caused by us, must be computed with.
5.6 It is permissible to take payments into account of the customer first on older debts.
6.0 Guarantee
6.1 Any warranty claims are immediately after knowledge, at the latest however one week after receipt of the service in
     writing with us admit admit.
6.2 These are first limited to the right of the rework.
6.3 If the rework should fail, the customer justified from the contract to be withdrawn or decrease to be required is.
     Claims for damages from this are impossible.
6.4 Warranty claims are entitled only to the orderer directly and are not not transferable.
7.0 Payment of damages / adhesion
7.1 Only during roughly negligent or deliberate violation of contract by us payment of damages is entitled to the orderer.
7.2 We reject other requirements of any argument so far legally permissible.
7.3 As a supplier of a service we cling in the maximum case at height of the fees already paid. Each kind of payment of
     damages going beyond it as well as demand for any third damage are impossible. This applies also to the case of a
     short term refusal of agreed upon meetings.

8.0 Fulfilment and area of jurisdiction
     For all disputes from the contractual relation, if the orderer is buyer or a legal entity of the public right or public
     special estates, the court is Wuppertal, Germany. To our business relations and the entire legal relation between us
     and the customer the right of the Federal Republic of Germany applies.
9.0 Mental property, copyrights
     All of us compiled texts, documents, elaboration etc. are and remain our mental property. This applies independently
     of the form of their spreading (pressures, disk, CDs etc..) The buyer can use these products for the self-use within
     the enterprise. The duplication and/or passing on at other enterprises, other legal entities or individuals outside of
     enterprise/organization of the buyer are considered than injury of copyrights and are punishable.
     It is expressly forbidden, without using our written permission, our texts, documents and other products or parts of it
     for training courses, consultation etc.. With the acquisition of our texts, documents and/or other products and the
     payment of the calculation the buyer recognizes these regulations and commits themselves to their observance.
10. Salvatore clause
     If individual regulations of this agreement should be totally or partly quite ineffective or become, then the
     effectiveness of the agreement is of it not affected in all other respects. The questionable regulation is to be laid out
     then in such a way that the agreed upon purpose is reached as far as possible. The Contracting Parties commit
     themselves to replace the ineffective regulation if necessary by an effective regulation which comes ineffective
     regulation the intended purpose if possible close. With inevitability of individual conditions the Contracting Parties are
     obligated to proceed in the sense of the actually wanted.
11. Final clause
     To orders, which mediate by us, but by the suppliers to be confirmed directly, supplied, implemented and computed,
     the general trading conditions of the respective supplier apply.


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